Friday, March 9, 2018

Shore leave makes a difference

The USS Little Rock left Buffalo, New York, on December 16, en route to Florida via Halifax. But a sudden cold snap froze the St. Lawrence Seaway, forcing the ship to halt at Montreal on Christmas Eve. The ice was not expected to melt until March, so the 70-member crew had nothing to do except mission training exercises. But a few found new ways to keep busy.

Nancy Dossous, who works at the Welcome Hall Mission, invited them to volunteer their help. The mission provides food for 3,000 people every week, and that's a lot of packing. The sailors want to keep a low profile while in Montreal, but a few came to help out. Dossous was not surprised, since her Dad was a U.S. Navy veteran. "Sometimes you feel like you need a small army to get this done," she said, "which is great because we have the Navy."

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