Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Twas the light before Christmas...

Erik Gaines of Puyallup, Washington, doesn't claim to be Clark Griswold, but he decorates his house with lots of Christmas lights and his family loves them. Except this year. This year he had just climbed a ladder to start stringing lights when he and his ladder fell to the ground. He broke his leg badly. His family called 911 and a paramedic unit and fire engine quickly arrived and took Gaines to Good Samaritan Hospital for treatment. Before the fire engine pulled away, Gaines little daughter told a fireman, "I don't think I want Christmas lights this year." Asked why, she said, "Because Daddy got hurt." That's when the men from Engine Company 66 knew what they had to do.

Without the slightest hesitation, they put Gaines' ladder back up on the porch roof and climbed up. For more than an hour they crawled along the edges of the various roofs, carefully wiring his Christmas lights. His family were inside, making the house wheelchair accessible for him after he's released from Good Samaritan. Meanwhile, Gaines says the firemen's unexpected kindness "makes me feel amazing. It makes me feel that much more tied to the community, like we're all looking out for one another."

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