Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bus driver warms children's hands and hearts

This month a little boy in Kennewick, Washington, waited for the school bus. The weather was frigid, and his ears and hands were turning red with cold. When school bus driver John Lunceford stopped for him, he noticed the boy was crying. "I'm a grandfather, you know. Nobody wants a kid to suffer like that," Lunceford said.

                                                                                                      Kennewick School District
After Lunceford finished his morning run and dropped off his bus, he went to the Dollar Store and then back to school with ten new sets of gloves and stocking hats, in black and pink. An administrator helped Lunceford find the little boy in the library, and the driver gave him the first hat and gloves. On the ride home, he told everyone on his bus that anyone who did not have a hat and gloves should see him. One girl quickly asked for a hat. "I'll take care of you, sweetie," the driver said, according to the school district Facebook page. Lunceford is an Army veteran and has been driving a school bus for three years.

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