Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Facebook typo causes Christmas miracle

Amy Rickel moved to Appleton, Wisconsin, so her three small children could be closer to their dad. Before she could find a job, they stayed in a motel. Then her car stopped running and she ran out of money. Shelters open to families with children had a three-month waiting list. In desperation, she sent a private Facebook message to a friend, asking for prayers. Then she realized she'd sent it to a complete stranger, Brian Van Boxtel, who has a similar name to her friend. She apologized to Brian, and cried as she explained her plight. He said one idea came to his mind. "What would Jesus do?" He told her God puts us in people's lives for a reason. Then he came to see her and paid her hotel bill.

Brian convinced Amy to open a GoFundMe crowdfunding account. It caught the attention of many who wanted to help, including Kathy Schumann, who cleared a room in her home and invited Amy and her children to be her guests over Christmas. She also loaned Amy a mini-van. Chad Morack also felt compelled to help. When he found out Amy is a licensed practical nurse, he reached out to his network. Bottom line? She starts a new full-time job at TotalMed on January 3, just nine days after her Facebook typo. Before Amy typed the wrong name on Facebook, she and Brian and Kathy and Chad had never met. Now they'll all best friends.   "It totally restored my faith in more than just humanity, my faith in God," said a grateful Amy.

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