Sunday, October 23, 2016

He's the man who never complains

When the Ruby Tuesday's restaurant where Kevan Finley worked as a cook shut down, he could not find another job locally, so he began cooking at another Ruby Tuesday's. It was nine miles away in Mentor, Ohio. Kevan, who is 30 years old, had no car, so he walked 18 miles to work and back, six days a week. His hike took 10 hours each day, but his co-workers never knew about it until three months after he was hired. Why not? Because he never complains.

When they did find out, his co-workers decided to surprise him with a gift they knew he deserved. They started driving him home, while they secretly launched a Go Fund Me campaign to buy him a vehicle. In only 17 days the restaurant raised over $8,000 for the man who never complains. As soon as Kevan passes his road test and gets his driver's license, he plans to buy a truck, have it insured, and set aside some of the money for future repairs.

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