Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Everybody is somebody to someone

Rewind to Christmastime in downtown San Francisco.  Kevin Adler wanted to make the season special, so he walked down Market Street asking homeless people if they'd like to make a holiday video message for a loved one. One man who consented was Jeffrey. Adler remembers, "He was a little bit out of it, but once I asked him about his family, he got incredibly lucid," saying he had not seen his family in a long time. That night Adler found a Facebook group associated with Jeffrey's hometown in Pennsylvania. He sent Jeffrey's video to them. They shared it, and within 20 minutes Jeffrey's sister was tagged. Adler called her and learned Jeffrey had been a missing person for 12 years. Within three weeks, his hometown raised $5,000 to bring him home and rehabilitate him.

Since then, Adler has founded Miracle Messages. Out of 45 video messages recorded and sent by Miracle Messages volunteers (like those shown above), there have been nearly 20 reunions. Eight of these reunions resulted in stable housing. Believe it or not, over 5,000 people have already reached out wanting to start chapters of Miracle Messages in their own towns. If you'd like more information, visit

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