Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Another crumb from a our reader in Redlands, CA.

On October 3, deputies were dispatched to Laurel Street in Hesperia, California, where a young girl was found wandering alone, wearing only a diaper. Three deputies went door-to-door looking for the parents when one was flagged down by the child's distraught mother. She said her daughter had autism and a history of running off. They put child safety locks on the doors, but when the mother fell asleep after breastfeeding the family's newest addition, the 7-year-old discovered how to unlock the door and ran away.

"I could see the hurdles the mother had to go through," said deputy Scott Lafond, who felt a dead bolt requiring a key would prevent the child from opening the door in the future. He went to the local K-Mart where the manager on duty offered to donate the lock. LaFond returned to the home and personally installed the lock on the metal screen door. The mother was so touched by the deputy's kindness that (unknown to him) she snapped the photo above and shared it with a newspaper reporter. Why did LaFond go the extra mile in this case? "She's doing everything she can do with what she has," he said. "Unless you are living in that situation or have first-hand experience, most people have no idea what these parents go through."

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