Sunday, January 24, 2016

Target cashier's kindness goes viral

It happened in Indiana, at the Target store in Glendale Mall near Indianapolis. Shopper Sarah Bigler hoped to get in and out fast. She had a toddler in her cart and a 3-year-old daughter by the hand, so she picked the shortest check-out lane. Then she saw why it was short. An elderly lady was paying for her items one-at-a-time, using coins. Bigler was annoyed by the delay, until she noticed how cashier Ishmael Gilbert tenderly took each coin from the old lady's trembling fingers and helped her count the change. Bigler heard the cashier repeatedly say "yes ma'am" to the customer, never acting impatient or rolling his eyes. That's when Bigler realized her daughter was watching the cashier, and learning a priceless lesson in patience, so Bigler snapped this photo.

                                                                                                                     Sarah Bigler / Facebook
As soon as the old woman left, Gilbert began ringing up Bigler's items and thanked her for her patience. She thanked him for his care of the elderly woman, and after paying her bill, even though she was now behind schedule, she found the store manager and shared what she'd seen. Then she posted it on Facebook and when it went viral, Gilbert was interviewed by WXIN News. He said he treats every customer with kindness, "and I always get it back."

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