Saturday, January 2, 2016

A police incident worth knowing about

On Christmas Eve, Anthony Brown, Molly Keck and their daughter Brooklyn Brown, 7, left their home in Joliet Township, IL, to visit Anthony's sister. When they returned, the found the back door kicked in and garbage bags from the kitchen had been used to take all the Christmas gifts. Everything under the tree was unwrapped and stolen. Police soon arrived, and after investigating, asked Brooklyn was she wanted from Santa. She said she didn't care, as long as he left her something. As officers left the house, they realized they still had Christmas shopping to do.

                                                                                                                                      Courtesy Photo
Other officers agreed to cover their calls so Deputies Michael Kane, Brett Farmer and Mark Tapella could go to a nearby Walgreens, one of the few stores still open. By the time they arrived, other officers agreed to pay for $600 worth of gifts. When the officers entered the store and told why they were there, customers gave them more money and the store offered them an employee discount. The gifts were quickly wrapped. Brooklyn started smiling and her mother, Molly, cried as officers brought the gifts to them. "You just don't expect people to be so caring and giving," Molly said.

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