Wednesday, July 8, 2015

They knew what they had to do

Brenda Hurst has been head custodian at Boiling Springs High School in South Carolina for twenty years, but she does more than mop floors. According to former student Drew Peden, "When somebody's just having a bad day, she's always the first person to run up and give them a hug. She's always at every sporting event, going crazy. She's the life of Boiling Springs High." When not at school, Hurst and her brother lived in the house where they grew up, until last year, when it burned to the ground. As soon as students heard about the fire, Alexis Ork, then student body president, went on a mission with the student council. Helped by community members and Carpenters for Christ, students built a new home where the old one stood. Recently a police car escorted Hurst down the street where she used to live. She was blindfolded and a huge crowd was waiting. When she removed the blindfold, she screamed for joy and her knees buckled. She cried as she walked through the front door.

She'd lost everything in the fire except her Bible. "The top was burnt. The bottom was burnt, but everything inside was still intact," she said. "I give God the praise and glory for that." But God did even more.  "The Lord allowed us to have the home fully furnished," said Carpenters for Christ spokesman Mike Ravan. Since Boiling Springs High colors are red and black, new furniture includes a red sofa and black table and chairs. When she saw her huge walk-in closet, Hurst danced around inside it, shouting, "I feel like I'm in Beverly Hills."

Alexis Ork explained, "She changed my life, and I'm honored that I was part of changing hers for the better.  "I just thank God for everything," said Hurst.

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