Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Only mothers understand mothers

Kaylee Goemans appreciates the kindness of other mothers. Recently she had to rush her 5-week old son Dominic to the Royal Victoria Regional Health Center in her hometown of Barrie, Ontario, Canada. She didn't have $15 to park in the garage. Instead, she found $3 in change and bought four hours on a parking meter. She figured four hours was enough. She was wrong. Dominic needed an ultrasound and x-rays. Kaylee knew the meter would run out, and wasn't sure if she'd get a ticket or be towed.  She didn't want to leave Dominic, so she reached out to a Facebook group of Barrie mothers, asking if her car would be towed. The response amazed her.

                                                                                                                              Courtesy photos

More than 100 mothers answered. Many asked what car she drove and where it was parked.  Five promised to feed her meter. Stephanie Gouguen works at the hospital and saw Kaylee's post. She replied, "Two more hours added. No need to worry. Give baby a hug." Rachel Banks replied that she lives near the hospital, so "contact me if your meter is running out or you just need coffee or food." Kaylee spent nine hours with her son in the hospital that day. "Knowing I had all these ladies there to help me with parking, meals and even hugs, made me able to focus just on my son and his needs," she said.  Another gold star for Facebook.

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