Monday, July 6, 2015

All this and heaven too?

Pastor Jim Maher died in a traffic accident on March 16, 2011, when his motorcycle was hit by a truck near Kansas City, MO. He was only 63, and had not always been a "man of God." After serving in combat in Vietnam he became a hippie, wandering vainly through various cults and philosophies in search of peace. He finally found it at the International House of Prayer, where he rose to become a senior member of the missionary staff. Many were blessed by his example and love, and none more than his granddaughter Kaitlyn, who was only seven years old when he died.

 Kaitlyn Maher 

Kaitlyn did more than cry at the funeral. She delivered the eulogy and then sang a song to "Pops," and finally led the crowded auditorium in a spontaneous impromptu prayer for comfort. It was all captured on video, and if you have a few spare minutes, here's the link.  It's best viewed on full-screen with the volume turned up. Be sure to hear what she says to the minister before starting her prayer. You heart may be touched by this proof that "a little child shall lead them."

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