Saturday, November 1, 2014

The monkeys and the rice

Long ago, hunters used to go to Africa to capture monkeys for display in American zoos. The monkeys had to be caught unharmed, and hunters knew exactly how to do it. First they found an area where monkeys lived. Then they collected coconuts; bored a small hole in each coconut; poured out the milk, and poured in whole grains of uncooked rice, which monkeys love to eat. Finally, they used ropes to secure each coconut to a nearby tree, and then left the area overnight.

When they returned the next morning, can you guess what the hunters found? Sitting next to each coconut was a live and frisky monkey, with one hand stuck inside the coconut.

Each monkey could easily have freed himself, but after reaching into the coconut, and grabbing some rice which he would not release, he could not remove his bulging fist from the coconut. Each monkey ignorantly believed he was trapped. But you and I both know THE RICE HAD NO GRIP ON THE MONKEYS.

If we ever feel trapped by sadness or frustration or anger because we're clinging to a false belief about ourself or others and won't let it go, why that's just ignorance -- making a monkey out of us!

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