Saturday, November 15, 2014

Say 'Amen,' Somebody!

"Say Amen, Somebody" is an exuberant documentary spotlighting the special world of gospel music. At least 24 hand-clapping songs are featured within the film's joyous 100 minutes. Special emphasis is given to the careers of two of gospel's legendary performers, "Mother" Willie Mae Ford Smith, and "Professor" Thomas A. Dorsey. The camera visits a storefront church, a gospel music convention, classes where Dorsey explains the many songs he has written and where "Mother" Smith instructs would-be gospel soloists. The music alone makes the film worth seeing, but it also glows with warmth and friendliness and heart-touching family scenes. If you'd like to see the trailer, here's a link.  After seeing the trailer, if you'd like to own a DVD of the movie for yourself or a dear friend, you can buy it at

After watching "Say Amen, Somebody," I was touched most by a gospel hymn called "Jesus Dropped the Charges" by the O'Neal twins. Think of it as a trial scene, set to music. The lyrics say, in part:

I was guilty of all the charges, doomed and disgraced,
But Jesus by his special love saved me by his grace.
I was guilty for so long; lived in sin too long,
But Jesus with his special love gave me a brand new song.

Jesus dropped the charges, although I was wrong.
Jesus dropped the charges and gave me a brand new song.
Jesus dropped the charges, cast them all away.
He dropped the charges, and at Calvary I heard him say,
"Case dismissed! Case dismissed!"
Saved by grace.

To hear the O'Neal twins sing this song in the movie, click this link.

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