Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why volunteer at church?

Sitting in church last Sunday, I noticed how many volunteers are needed for a worship service. Why do volunteers usher, collect and count the offering, change diapers in the nursery, and teach Sunday School year after year, instead of shopping at the mall? If the church is all about God, why not let God take care of it? Because they know:

God builds no churches. By His plan
That labor has been left to man.
No spires miraculously arise,
No little mission from the skies

Falls on the bleak and barren place
To be a source of strength and grace.
The humblest church demands its price
In human toil and sacrifice.

Across the valley of despair,
Men still must build God's house of prayer.
God sends no churches from the skies.
Out of our hearts they must arise.
Edgar Guest

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