Sunday, July 5, 2020

"The paleta man was KING to us kids."

People in Chicago's southwest side are used to seeing 70-year-old Rosario Del Real pushing his yellow cart along the streets. The former carpenter now makes his living selling $2 Mexican-style ice pops, or paletas, in several flavors. On Father's Day, Cynthia Gonzalez was enjoying a cookout with her family in 83 degree heat when Del Real came by to ask if anyone wanted a paleta.

She and several other family members including Michaelangelo Mosqueda decided Del Real should not have to work on Father's Day, so they bought every paleta in his cart -- 65 of them, at a cost of $130. Del Real was so touched that he wept. Then they invited him to join their family cookout. Mosqueda felt Del Real should be able to retire, so he launched a GoFundMe page which has raised $62,000 so far. One woman wrote, "The paleta man was KING to us kids in Chicago. Miss those days." Another wrote, "It's heartbreaking that he has to work at his age. I'm glad you did this for him."

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