Thursday, July 9, 2020

Lemonade stand a big success

Cooper Wallweber of St. Louis, Missouri, started a lemonade stand for a good reason. He'd soiled his shoes and wanted to buy a new pair. But as he got down to business, he heard of a local volunteer fire fighter named Arlydia Bufford. She is only 20 years old, and was eating with colleagues at an Applebees in June when a gunman opened fire in the restaurant, killing one and injuring two more. Bufford's injuries were serious.

Cooper's family felt an instant connection with her. She attended the same high school as Cooper's parents, and played the same sport as his sister. To Cooper, it felt right to donate any profits from the lemonade stand to Bufford. Word of his plan reached far and wide. "Skateboarders stopped by!" said Cooper. "Fire trucks and an ambulance." So far, his lemonade stand has raised about $3,000 for Bufford's recovery.

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