Sunday, July 26, 2020

The children were the real heroes

It happened recently in a poor, immigrant section of Grenoble, France. A third floor apartment caught fire. Passers-by ran up the stairs and tried to open the apartment door, but could not. As they returned to the street below, they saw two children at the window. Six of the men held hands and yelled at the kids to jump.

The boys were three and 10 years old. In this photo, the older boy holds his younger brother by his t-shirt, before dropping him. When he saw his brother was safely caught, the ten-year-old thought, "Either I jump or I die," so he jumped, and was caught by waiting arms nearly 40 feet below. Some of the catcher's arms and wrists were broken, but the boys are okay. Said one rescuer, "We saved their lives, but they were the brave ones. They were the heroes."

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