Thursday, January 24, 2019

Dog is grateful to be adopted

About two years ago, employees at a gas station in Mexico noticed a scared, malnourished stray dog that kept hanging around. And they agreed to adopt him. He'd been abused and was very skittish, but they finally gave him a bath, got him vaccinated and started feeding him every day. Ever since then, he's been popular with customers. His name is Randy, and some buy gas at the station just to see him.

One of the employees was working the night shift recently when two armed robbers showed up and started a fight with him. He was losing pretty badly until Randy woke up and came to help. He went after the two robbers and helped fight them off. The gas station security camera got it all on video. The owner is not sure what would have happened if Randy had not been there, but he knows for sure that Randy appreciates everything they've done for him.

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  1. Dogs are awesome and it's good to know this dog jumped into action and helped the people who helped him. .