Sunday, January 13, 2019

"Breaking up is hard to do...."

Remember your first love in high school? Barbara Cotton and Curtis Brewer dated right up to graduation. They even went to two proms together. But then he left for college and they split up. Or so they thought. Not long ago, Barbara, now 72, found the website and actually located Curtis. She send him a message, since "we technically never broke up."

Curtis had not heard from Barbara for 50 years, but he answered her message immediately. It turned out they were both single, so they started talking again. Then last August, Curtis couldn't stand being away from her any longer and proposed marriage on the phone. They recently married in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, more than half-a-century after their first date. Barbara says no one else she's been with ever loved her as much as Curtis, and it's never changed. She's always loved him, and he's alway loved her.

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