Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A "police incident" you might have missed

Inmates from Bladen County, North Carolina, were picking up trash on the side of a road recently as part of a program that allows them to perform community service to have their jail time reduced. Their work was interrupted when their supervisor, James Smith, stumbled and fell into a ditch. The inmates rushed to his side, and when he was unable to answer basic questions, they used a cell phone to call an ambulance, before stopping traffic and asking drivers for help.

Paramedics took Smith to the Cape Fear Valley Medical Center where he was diagnosed with a stroke. While he recovers, each of the three prisoners was honored with the Sheriff's Department's esteemed Life Saving Award, which can dramatically improve their chance of finding employment after they are released. But the men say they are just happy Smith is okay. One explained, "He's more than a police officer. He's more or less like my friend. He's just a good guy all the way around."

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