Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Who will take care of Fonzi?

Rudolph and Sandy Rodriguez were driving from northern California to Oceanside this month when they were in a traffic accident. California Highway Patrol officer Todd Cookston was among the first responders. Rudolph suffered a broken leg, and had to be taken to the hospital. Sandy was not hurt, but seeing her husband "laid out in the street" made her distraught. She had to go to the hospital with him, but who would take care of their dog Fonzi? She was sure being in a shelter would stress him out, and he might die.

                                                                                         Santa Clarita Valley Signal
Cookston, who owns a bulldog himself, offered to care for the dog until the couple returned home from the hospital, and that's how Fonzi became a lovable temporary mascot at the Highway Patrol Station in Newhall. "He kind of does his own little thing and he sleeps a lot," said Cookston. "He definitely eats a lot."

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