Saturday, January 21, 2017

He gave more than pizza. He gave kindness.

The next time you're stuck in an endless traffic jam, don't assume nobody will deliver hot pizza to you in your car. That's what happened recently in Genoa, Italy. Fires in the hillsides around town block the highway with heavy smoke. Motorists were stranded for several hours.

                                                                                                                     La Pizza di Egizio
Simone Di Maaria owns La Pizza di Egizio in Genoa. When he heard about folks getting hungry as they waited for the smoke to clear, he went out on the highway and delivered as many pizzas and and as much bottled water as he could, all free. "You can't leave people starving at dinner time," he wrote on Facebook. "A margherita pizza is a small gesture that can get a bad day back on track." One stranded motorist called Di Maria a "godsend" for delivering food in a moment of need.

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