Tuesday, June 18, 2019

This dad will never forget his Father's Day gift

Marvin Bowers of Renton, Washington, learned on Father's Day that his two step-daughters are changing their name to his. Jia Dennison, 22, and her sister Jazelle Dennison, 19, have had Bowers as the sole father figure in their lives for 12 years, ever since he started dating their mom, whom he married. "I forget he's my step-dad," says Jia. "He treats me and my sister like we're his own."

Jia and Jazelle surprised Bowers on Father's Day with a letter explaining that their last name would now legally be Bowers. What give Jia the final push to change her name is that she wants to hear the name Bowers (and see it on her diploma) when she earns her nursing degree next year. She'll be the first person in her family to earn a degree, and feels her step-dad deserves some credit.

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