Sunday, June 16, 2019

Raising Men Lawn Care Service

Rodney Smith, Jr., 29, was born in Bermuda and now lives in Huntsville, Alabama. He's visited all 50 states, FIVE times, thanks to his Raising Men Lawn Care Service Foundation. He travels from state to state, helping people with disabilities, or single mothers, or military veterans by mowing their lawns for free.

Hoping to inspire young men and women to make a difference in the world, he runs his foundation 100% by word of mouth on social media. He announces where he's going to be by uploading a selfie with a state sign. After that, requests and nominations flood in. He says people sponsor his hotel rooms and donate money to make his travel possible. He travels with his friend, Yuri Williams, who dresses up as Spiderman while visiting children's hospitals, and also mows lawns. (Thanks to a faithful reader for providing this crumb.)


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