Saturday, April 6, 2019

Is it snail mail, or whale mail?

Today's crumb comes from a reader in Fishers, Indiana. As technology advances, snail mail may soon become a thing of the past, but whale mail has a future, at least in the village of Lehde, about 60 miles south of Berlin, Germany. About 150 people live in Lehde, and for centuries it was only accessible by boat. For the past 118 years, the German mail service (Deutsche Post) has delivered mail by water, at least from March to October. And Andrea Bunar, shown here, is the post mistress.

Her work is environmentally friendly, and she finds it easy to paddle or pole up and down the tiny canals between homes in her yellow post barge. She delivers everything from letters to large packages, using her own strength to propel the boat to about 60 mailboxes. She travels about five miles daily and has been delivering the mail for almost ten years.She says the exercise keeps her in shape.

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