Friday, April 26, 2019

A crumb from Fishers, Indiana

Anitha Sharma, 17, and her sister Vani, 12, live in Fishers, Indiana. Back in 2011, when Vani was only four, they started volunteering at their local Ronald McDonalds House. They continue to serve meals at the house, and have found other ways to to make a difference, including performing music for guests at Ronald McDonald House (Anitha plays the flute, Vani the clarinet), cleaning up local parks, and reading books to young children during storytime at Barnes & Noble.

Last June they launched a "Glitter Jars for the Stars" project, creating calming glitter jars to donate to rehabilitation therapy, autism, and senior living centers. They made more than 100 jars last year, each one accompanied by an uplifting note to make the recipient happy.

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