Saturday, August 18, 2018

An avalanche of kindness

Their names are being withheld, but we know this husband and wife are old enough to be grandparents. She asked him to move their travel trailer, so he did. But a tire on the trailer went flat, and sparks from the rim rubbing the pavement started California's deadly Carr Fire, which burned over 224,000 acres and killed three firefighters. The couple's story appeared on the Carr Fire Facebook page. which said in part, "Many have been praying for this man, and his wife is blaming herself because she asked him to take the trailer. She has been crying day and night on her couch. Do you think we could show some grace and even forgiveness for the shame and despair she is feeling?"

                                                                                                                       Noah Berger / AP
In less than two days, the Facebook page received over 700 comments. One came from Diane Woodley, who said she is the daughter of Ed Bledsoe, the man who lost his wife and two great-grandchildren when the fire burned their home before they could escape. Woodley wrote, "It is not your fault, Please don't beat yourself up. Accidents happen every day so please forgive yourself. You are loved and I have thought about you every day. God loves you too." A comment also came from Jeanine Coffee, who wrote, "The fire took the homes of my parents, my grandmother and myself, but not once have I blamed you! Please do not torment yourself further. God bless you. Be at peace." Because of high winds, the blaze has been called a "fire tornado," and the response of victims has been described as "an avalanche of kindness."

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