Tuesday, April 24, 2018

School bus driver helps student feel mothered

Isabella Pieri's mom died two years ago . She lives in Alpine, Utah, and her dad has tried to fill both parenting roles. He does well except for one thing. He has no clue about Isabella's hair. When she was younger it became so tangled and knotted that he gave her a crew cut. Since then she's settled for a quick brush and pony tail each morning -- until recently.

Not long ago, she saw her school bus driver, Tracy Dean, braiding another student's hair, and got the courage to ask if she would braid hers too.  Since then, Dean has been styling Isabella's hair every morning. "You treat them like your own kids, you know," says Dean. And how does Isabella feel? "It makes me feel like she's a mom pretty much for me. It makes me feel excited for the next day."

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