Monday, December 18, 2017

Let's befriend Deputy Friend

Today's crumb comes from the Herald-Times in Bloomington, Indiana, where Dillen Friend is a Deputy Sheriff. But he won't be home for Christmas this year. He always wanted to be a Marine, so he joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. When Marines go on a mission but don't have enough men, they call up- the Reserve to fill the vacancies. Friend was called up, and is overseas now, probably in Afghanistan.

                                                                                          Courtesy Photo
Friend's Marine base does not have a postex, or post exchange -- a small store where soldiers buy hygiene supplies and other small comfort items. He never gets these unless they come by mail. One of Friend's fellow Monroe County deputies has been collecting items to mail him at Christmas. Then Monroe County Sheriff Brad Swain emailed all the county sheriffs in the state, asking them to send Friend a Christmas card. The response was immediate. Friend won't return to the U.S. until next summer, so if you'd like to send him a gift or card, even if you don't live in Indiana, address it to LCpl Dillen Friend, (Sector), Task Force-Southwest, Camp Shorab, APO, AE 09354.

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