Sunday, December 3, 2017

"I will still be with you..."

Bailey Sellers of Maryville, Tennessee, lost her dad Michael five years ago, when she was only 16. But before he died, he pre-paid to have flowers and a personal note sent to her every year on her birthday. She looks forward to her birthday note from her dad, but this year was special. She's now a student at East Tennessee University, and her latest bouquet from dad came with his final note.

                                                                                                              Bailey Sellers/Facebook
Well, it wasn't exactly final. It contained a promise that will last a lifetime. He wrote that he does not want her to be sad for him anymore. He says he is in a better place, and she should live life to the fullest. Then he promises, "I will still be with you through every milestone. Just look around, and I will be there." Bailey shared his note on Twitter and it was re-tweeted 360,000 times and received 1.5 MILLION likes. She's gotten thousands of responses of people supporting her, and says her dad would be proud to know his letter touched so many people.

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