Friday, November 10, 2017

"those cookies spoke a million words..."

It happened last April when Lexi Wright of Missouri City, Texas, was 14. She was riding home from school on the bus and kneeled on her seat to braid a friend's hair. Kneeling on a bus seat is not allowed, and the driver stopped the bus and yelled at Lexi for ten minutes in front of the other kids. Of course Lexi went into her house crying, and told her mom, Holly Wright, what happened. But that's not the end of the story.

                                                                    Holly Wright/Facebook
Lexi's mom had a novel idea to solve the problem. She felt the driver's anger may be rooted in some personal problem, so she suggested Lexi respond with love and bake cookies for her. They made a batch of cookies, and the next morning, Lexi offered the bus driver her cookies. She watched the driver's reaction, and was stunned. The woman's heart seemed to melt at the gesture, as she sat behind the wheel in disbelief. Holly wrote, "The driver was so moved that Lexi didn't need to offer her a hug -- the driver asked her for one. Trust me when I say those cookies spoke a million words!"

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