Thursday, October 26, 2017

Patient sheds tears of joy at dental office

Kenny Wilstead is a dentist in Marshall, Texas. Kyleigha Scott recently went to his office to have wisdom tooth removed, but when he inspected her mouth, he asked why her front tooth was do damaged. It was chipped and yellowed, and she explained it happened when her abusive ex-boyfriend head-butted her two years ago. She told Dr. Wilstead she planned on fixing it once she got her money from her tax return.

But Dr. Wilstead would have none of it. "No," he said, "we're gonna' fix that tooth right now, for no charge." The procedure only took about ten minutes, but when he gave her a mirror, Kyleigha burst into tears of gratitude. "It looks amazing," she said tearfully. Why did Dr. Wilstead do this? In his words, "To all those who have struggled, she is an awesome example of someone determined to rise above her past and use it to reinvent her future."

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