Thursday, October 12, 2017

One prayed FOR help; another prayed HOW to help

Jessica Haley, 29, is a marketing director in Miami, Florida. Recently she posted this story on Facebook. She had just gotten into her car at a bank parking lot when someone tapped on her window. She said, "My name is Kimesha and I'm stranded by hurricane Irma." Kimesha had come to Miami to attend her Dad's funeral, and the airport closed and the shelters were full so she'd been paying to sleep in a hotel lobby. She'd used up all her money and could no longer afford to eat..

Kimesha didn't know it, but Jessica is a Energizer Bunny who solves problems for breakfast. She had just returned to Miami, so she called Southwest Airlines and donated her points to get Kimesha on a flight home. Then she took Kimesha back to her house and cooked her a healthy dinner. She also gave her snacks for the flight home, and let her pick through a pile of clothing she was about to donate. Says Jessica, "She prayed for help...while I prayed for a way to know who/how to help." Another halo from hurricane Irma.

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