Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The best prom date ever

Melissa Potter never attended her senior prom. After growing up in 23 different foster homes, the teenager was pregnant with her son Trey and transitioning out of foster care into a homeless shelter. She and her baby lived in a shelter for the first two years of his life. She was told her son could never thrive, because she came through the foster care system and "you can't give him what you don't have."

But Melissa proved everyone wrong. After turning her life around, she became a successful makeup artist and foster youth advocate. She was discovered as a magazine model, and took care of Trey all by herself. This spring Trey graduates from high school in Gahanna, Ohio. And who did he invite as his date to the prom? Out of respect and appreciation for all she's done for him, he invited his mom. And she accepted.

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