Thursday, May 26, 2016

A video that will touch your heart

Is there something that really scares you? Is there someone you hate? Dr. Shamanie Thompson was afraid her breast cancer would return and she'd die young. And she hated her ex-husband. Their relationship had been toxic for years. Then another cancer survivor encouraged her to replace the fear that was paralyzing her with unconditional love. But how could she do that? It felt silly at first, but she and her kids made a sign that said, "I am giving unconditional love for $0 to heal my fear of cancer." They set up the sign in a nearby park and prepared zero dollar "receipts" with encouraging words for strangers. She gave (and received) hugs from 40 strangers in 30 minutes

Afterward, she said her heart felt so big it was outside her chest. She felt totally full of unconditional love.  Then she and the kids drove to a sports event where her ex- would meet them. To find out what happened next, watch this five minute video. It proves unconditional love can cure anything.   Be sure you have a tissue handy.

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