Thursday, August 28, 2014

Let’s call him Capt. Christian. After many years as a “top gun” test pilot, flying the fastest experimental jets in the world, he retired. Because of his skill, he was hired to work part-time, delivering the newest fighter jets from the factory to air bases where they would be stationed.
One day Capt. Christian was approaching a destination airport in a powerful new fighter jet when he heard a question from the control tower. “How much fuel do you have?” He radioed back that he had “enough to do whatever you need.” The tower said, “as you can see, we’re fogged in. Visibility is zero until you get down to 100 feet. There’s a young man flying above the fog who just got his license, and his one-engine plane has no radar. He can’t see the ground, and he needs assistance. Can you help?”
The captain agreed to help. He spotted the tiny Piper Cub on his radar and flew around behind it, finally flying right beside it, wingtip to wingtip. “I almost had to raise my canopy to get enough drag to fly that slow,” he said later. The young pilot was so afraid he kept staring straight ahead, and didn’t notice the jet next to him until Capt. Christian found his radio frequency and said “Look to your left!” When the new pilot saw the big jet so close, he was even more afraid.....but then......
“Just follow me,” said Capt. Christian. “I’m going to make two big circles. Stay close behind. After two circles, I'll descend into the fog, guided by radar. You descend when I do, and don’t worry about not being able to see anything.”
After circling twice, the fighter jet slowly sank into pea soup fog, and the little Piper Cub followed. The young man was now flying blind. He was afraid he’d crash, but his only choice was to obey. After descending blindly for a few seconds, the fog suddenly cleared and there was the runway, right in front of him! After both planes landed, the new pilot hugged Capt. Christian and thanked him for saving his life. He could never have landed alone.
"That's what we Christians do," said the captain. "When we find someone who is lost, we guide them through the fog of fear and lead them safely home."

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