Saturday, August 30, 2014

From the 1974 Daycroft School commencement address, by Dr. Marc Engler.

If none but you in the world today
Had tried to live in a Christlike way,
Could the rest of the world look close at you
And find the path that is straight and true?

If none but you in the world so wide
Had found the Christ for his daily guide,
Would the things you do and the things you say
Lead others to live in a blessed way?

Ah, friends of the Christ, in the world today
Are many who watch you upon your way,
And look to the things you say and do
To measure the Christian standard true.

Many read and admire the Gospel of Christ
With its love so unfailing and true,
But what do they say and what do they think
Of the Gospel according to you?

You are writing each day a letter to men.
Take care that the writing is true.
'Tis the only gospel that some men will read --
The Gospel according to you!


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