Friday, January 29, 2021

Presidential transfer, and cookie transfer

As the presidential transfer of power was underway, another transfer was happening nearby. Kavi Sadar, 4, made cookies for the National Guard soldiers who were maintaining security at the inauguration. Kavi said he told the soldiers, "Thank you for protecting our neighborhood." After Kavi slid his plate of cookies under the wire fence, the guardsmen repaid him with an American flag patch.

 The boy's mother, Janet Sadar, said it was all Kavi's idea.  They live close to the capital and she said, "It's a very weird time to live in this area. I think that day that the riot happened was a little bit scary because his school is one of those preschools in the neighborhood. It's a strange time to live here, but it's very exciting for a 4-year-old to have a bunch of soldiers around. He doesn't entirely understand, but it's very exciting for him."

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