Saturday, January 2, 2021

Into every life some sun must shine

 After working as a preschool teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, for twenty years, Joe Camp was laid off in September amid the pandemic. A month later, his father passed away. He said he was in a dark place, but on a recent morning he went to the store as he usually does and bought two scratch-off lottery tickets. He remembers, "I didn't win on the first one, so I tried the second and scratched it off, and I fell to my knees at the gas pump.

Camp, who is a father and grandfather, won $250,000, which he plans to spend on his family. He says he wants to help pay for his daughter's education, and buy a new home which he plans to pass down to his loved ones. "What I plan on doing with my winnings is having a future for my daughter," he said. "I want to have something for us. I never had anything. No one passed anything down, and that's what I want to do."

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