Wednesday, January 6, 2021

A crumb from the state of Delaware

Joe Hylton has driven big rigs for two years. One recent evening, he was driving a Perdue Farms truck down Delaware's Route 1 when he came across a bad accident. Both cars were totaled, so he pulled over and parked. Then he walked into the middle of the dark highway to direct traffic away from the wreck, but one of the drivers of a wrecked car started to scream that he could not find his daughter.

As a father-of-three, Hylton went into "dad" mode and began searching through the marshy area along the road, using his flashlight. He finally came across a small gray bundle. At first he was afraid to look, knowing the type of injuries a two-year-old could have sustained after being ejected from the car. But to his astonishment, the little girl reached up to him without a single scratch. The tearful dad thanked Hylton, who got back in his truck and went his way.


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