Friday, January 3, 2020

Stray dog wanders into future home

It was 4 a.m. when Jack Jokinen, 34, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was wakened by his wife, who said there was a strange dog in their living room. He investigated, and found an emaciated, unknown dog sitting in the middle of the floor -- wet, shaking, and visibly afraid. Jokinen checked and found all the doors and windows locked, so he looked at his security camera footage. It showed the dog wandering past his house and then doubling back and entering thru an open door. (Earlier that night, Jokinen had been walking his own dog in the rain, and when entering carrying the dog and an umbrella, he assumed he locked the door, but he forgot and the wind blew it open. Later a passer-by saw the open door, yelled to be sure everyone was okay, and pulled the door shut.)

Now Jokinen and his wife plotted their next steps. They couldn't turn the dog, who is between 7 and nine years old, over to animal control, so they took her to a vet and found she had several medical needs. Since she had no microchip, they agreed to make her part of the family and named her Suzyn Pupman. The story spread rapidly, and people starting donating for the dog's care. So far, Suzyn has raised more than $25,000 and any surplus will go to a yet-unnamed charity.

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