Friday, January 17, 2020

100 toy trains on eight miles of track

Bruce Zaccagnino of Flemington, New Jersey, spent almost 20 years creating a toy train set in a building called Northlandz. His train set has eight miles of track and breathtaking miniature scenery. But when the building cost to much to maintain, he abandoned his project and sold Northlandz to businessman Tariq Sohail, who was looking for more warehouse space. He was told he could "demolish what was inside."

When Sohail realized the train set included 100 trains and 1,200 miniature buildings, he knew he could never demolish it. Instead, he invested a quarter-million dollars to renovate the building, repairing lights and flooring and much of the train scenery. Then he added a gift shop and private event space. He plans to add a movie theater, climbing walls and model train set classes for kids.

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