Saturday, January 25, 2020

106-year-old veteran on Cloud 9

Curly Bunfill, 106, of Sacramento, California, is on Cloud 9. He says, "If there's a Cloud 10, I'd be on it." Here's why.  Before serving in the military, Bunfill was a stuntman in Hollywood. One day he met actress Rita Hayworth at a party in Beverly Hills. He remembers, "She's quite a lady. A wonderful dancer." She drove a 1956 Cadillac El Dorado. Bunfill remembers, "The poor thing died, and she willed the car to me." The doors have "Rita Hayworth" beveled on them. Bunfill has enjoyed the Caddy ever since, calling it his baby.

In January, he reported the classic car stolen. He said he'd taken the battery out of the car, so the thieves had to push it out of the garage and onto the street. Two days later, police found Bunfill's baby, parked (of all places) at a police station, where it may have been "returned." Bunfill picked up the car the next day, and says he's grateful for the officers' hard work.

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