Sunday, January 19, 2020

Indiana barber has found his pulpit

When Ray Gipson, 55, came to Columbus, Indiana, in 1999 from New Jersey. He was homeless, and adicted to "a little bit of everything" including heroin, alcohol and marijuana. He credits God with his eventual recovery and freedom. Now he's a barber and his shop is called Coach's Cutz. But he still understands how homeless, addicted people feel. And on the first Tuesday of every month, his barber shop smells like a restaurant. In the kitchen, he's cooking enough chicken tacos to serve 86 people, for free.

With volunteer helpers, Gipson delivers and donates the tacos to Horizon House homeless shelter, Brighter Days emergency shelter, and Turning Point Domestic Violence Services. As reported by the Republic, Gipson says "I know how many of these local people feel. And God has just been telling me to go ahead and tell my story." In the future, he wants to bring his free tacos to area homeless living under bridges. "I am passionate about people," he says, "and this right here is my puplit."

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