Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Students sue for civics classes!

At a time of impeachment, interference of other nations in our elections and fears of voter suppression, a group of Rhode Island students says they have not been taught how the United States government really works. So they've gone to court to insure that civics is taught in public schools.

Remember when Civics was a mandatory one-semester course in every high school?  Most students felt it was boring. But now that politics are as exciting as reality TV, kids want to know what are their Constitutional rights. They want to know how to vote, and how to serve on juries. "I didn't learn my voting rights through school," says Aleita Cook, a graduate of Providence public schools. She didn't even learn about how the three branches of government check and balance each other to prevent a dictator from grabbing power. If the court case is successful, maybe civics will once again be taught in school, and it won't be boring anymore.

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