Thursday, December 26, 2019

"Dear Santa, last year you didn't notice me."

Melissa Stinsman, 26, works at the post office in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. During the Christmas season, she volunteers several hours after work answering letters addressed to Santa. This year, one letter touched her heart. It said, "Dear Santa, last year you didn't notice me, so this year I hope you notice me, and this year I will be good." Stinsman cried when she read the letter. Among other things, the little boy asked for food and clothing. Luckily, he wrote his full name, and another carrier recognized it. So before Christmas, Stinsman knocked on the boy's front door. His mom answered. She said she had his son's letter, and would like to help. His mom said, "Is this real?"

Stinsman planned to buy the family a $50 gift card, but when word got out, several people asked to pitch in. A money pool began at the post office and community members began donating clothing, toys and gift cards. "We raised about $500, and people dropped off food at the post office," Stinsman said. She delivered the gifts, money, food and gift cards in time for Christmas, and when her kind deed was reported by media as far away as Great Britain, she wrote on Facebook, "I don't know what to say!"

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