Sunday, December 29, 2019

Child proves age is just a number

Isla Glaser, 4, was at home in Somerset, New Jersey, with her family earlier this month when her mother suddenly collapsed unconscious. When mommy failed to move, or open her eyes, Isla called 911 and reported the situation to the Franklin Township Police Department. After calmly providing her address to the dispatcher, she moved a chair to the front door to climb up on, so she'd be tall enough to open the door when EMTs arrived.

Isla also kept the family's three 80-pound rescue dogs under control as medical officers attended to her mother, and that's not all. She kept her 2-year-old little sister and twin 1-year-old brothers calm by feeding them yogurt. Isla's mother was hospitalized for four days and treated for a bacterial infection. Medics said it's likely she would not have survived except for Isla. Police gave Isla a "hero" certificate and a tour of the police station.

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