Monday, December 2, 2019

Remember to be grateful for color

Jonathan Jones, 12,  is a seventh-grader at Lakeview High School in Cottonwood, Minnesota. He's color-blind, and in science class, the periodic chart looked like rows of indistinct squares, until his school Principal, Scott Hanson, loaned him glasses that enabled him to see color for the first time. As his parents watched, Jonathan suddenly saw colors he never knew were there. After taking the glasses off, he put his hands over his face, overcome with emotion. He later told him mom why. "The colors just attacked me, mom," he said.

Jonathan's parents, Carole and Don Jones, knew they had to buy him a pair of those glasses, which cost between $269 and $429. They also wanted one of Jonathan's friends in class, who is also color-blind, to have a pair. So they started a GoFundMe page with a goal of $350 to buy a pair for Jonathan's classmate. The fundraiser has raised more than $28,000, and Jones says the money will go toward buying glasses for other color-blind kids who can't afford them. The company who makes the glasses, EnChroma, says it will work with the Jones family and donate a free pair of glasses for each paid purchased with money from the fundraiser.

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