Monday, July 15, 2019

Need a muffler? Consider Midas.

A 9-week-old kitten recently found her way into the subframe of a 2000 Honda Accord in Lexington, Kentucky. She became trapped in one of the holes, and was carried (hidden beneath the car) from Lexington to Frankfort, where she was discovered -- still stuck. When the driver stopped for lunch, the trapped kitten was spotted by the manager of a Hardee's restaurant. A concerned employee contacted local firefighters and the nearby Midas auto shop for help to free the feline.

A Midas mechanic posted this photo and wrote on Facebook, "After an hour of rear subframe removal, a Lexington fireman and my lead tech and I, with some soap, sweat and prayers, were able to extract the kitten." Though tired and frightened, the kitten was alright. The Midas workers named her Marigold, and she's now starting her new life with an adopted family.

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